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We Drive More Traffic, Leads & Customers To Your Website Than Any Other SEO Company


Our SEO campaigns are designed to act fast, get results and last the test of time.


All our SEO techniques are 100% safe and compliant with Googles guidelines so you’ll never suffer a penalty.


Our SEO is so secure that your competitors will never be able to figure out how you rank so they can’t copy you.


Whether your a small business servicing a local area, or a multi-national corporation, our SEO services are scaleable to meet your needs.

SEO Campaign Features

Here’s Why Search Genius SEO Beats All Other Companies

Our Proven 5-Step SEO System

The exact system we use to rank our clients with a 100% success rate.

Step 1: Planning & Keyword Researchblog8

The first step we go through is to ensure that we are targetting the right keywords to drive you revenue. We can see which terms generate the most revenue for your industry based on the prices that people are bidding on your Adwords. So I combine the highest revenue generating terms, with the ones with the largest traffic volume to give you the most upside potential possible.




blog13Step 2: On-Site Foundation

Once the planning is done, the single most important part of Boston SEO is to get your website fully optimized.

The first section is the ‘technical’ set up. During this phase we run several advanced SEO crawlers through your site to find any issues with the underlying infrastructure. We then fix these up to provide you with a solid foundation.

The second section is all about the ‘on-page elements’. These are optimizing things such as your Meta data, Heading tags, Image Alt text, Geo-tagging images, etc.

The third and most important phase is the content optimisation. During this phase we use keyword variations based on my latest research into scemantic search variations.

This third step is the secret to ranking in difficult markets as it gives more depth to your page and it is something that the majority of SEO companies fail to implement for small businesses.

The fourth part of your On-Page SEO is setting up and optimising your Google My Business listing. This gets you ranked in the maps listings at the top of the first page which is extremely valuable realestate.

The fifth and final part of our On-Page SEO set up, also known as the ‘Joel House Secret Sauce’ is to use cutting edge Schema on your website to help Google read it easily.


Step 3: Local SEO Optimizationblog2-300x300

The third step is where we lay the local foundation for your site. After everything is set up with your Google My Business is set up and optimized, our goal is to get it found ASAP. We do this by proving your authority with the following techniques…

Citation Links: These are critical for getting your Google My Business page ranked in the maps. They cover local, national as well as some major international directories and citations.

Industry Specific Links: Every industry has industry specific directories, associations and sites where you can get links from. We carefully research your market, local region as well as competitors links to ensure that you get every additional link possible.



blog11-300x300Step 4: Social SEO Optimization

Social SEO is extremely important in ranking websites in 2016. This is why its a part of our core ranking systems, rather than an after thought like many others.

Don’t worry – You don’t need to start posting to Facebook all the time. Our goal here is to simply set up a branded presense for your company across our 35 hand-picked networks to build your link foundation.



Step 5: Secret Sauce Link Buildingblog5-300x300

Once all of the foundations are laid on your website, I then move into step #4 – supercharged, sniper link building.

This is a link building approach that I’ve developed to rank individual product and services with sniper like precision.

It involves the variation of anchor text, with relevant articles, going out on high powered blogs around the internet. We carefully select the sites that you will get links from based on Majestic TrustFlow, which is I’ve found is the most accurate and effective metric to gauge links by.

This approach delivers great results while also protecting you long term as I focus on the power of the links, rather than volumes.

Once we get to this stage our goal is to keep linking until you are ranked #1 in Google, and then to continue so no one can beat you.

Its this last step that truly separates the results our clients. Its this last step that allows us to rank you for any keyword that you want and to help you attract the exact type of work that you want to do, and that is the most profitable for you.

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Here’s More About Our Boston Search Engine Optimization Services

The search engine optimization Boston businesses need to succeed starts with a well-crafted strategy from a knowledgeable team. At Search Genius SEO, we take pride in helping our clients increase visibility and get the most out of their online marketing and advertising investments. You’ll be working with a Boston SEO company that offers an assortment of services and packages designed to comfortable fit into any budget. Took a moment to consider what we may be able to do you.

Increasing Your Visibility

We’re an SEO company Boston area businesses routinely trust to boost their visibility online. This is an important step that’s necessary to see positive results on Google and other leading search engines. It’s a process that requires careful tracking of results and in-depth analysis of everything from the design and layout of websites to how content is presented across multiple platforms. The main focus is on website content since this is often where potential consumers go when they’re ready to make a purchase decision or get more information before taking the desired action.

Expanding Your Customer Base

You’ll be choosing a Boston SEO agency that knows how to expand your customer base with an effective optimization strategy. There are plenty of consumers out there who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer. What we do is thoroughly evaluate the potential of tapping into new markets and determine the most effective way to attract new customers. It’s a process that starts by developing a clear understanding of who your intended consumer is and what they’re likely expected from your content. An expanded customer base often helps our clients by:

  • Projecting a sense of trust and credibility
  • Expanding brand recognition and encouraging loyality
  • Fostering ongoing customer relationships

Solidifying Your Marketing Plans

If you’re like most businesses, SEO is only one part of your overall marketing strategy. Yet it’s also not something that’s entirely relegated to online interactions. Well-crafted and presented website content has the power to attract the attention of customers looking to visit your location in person. This is especially true when you consider the growing number of mobile device users who tend to access their favorite businesses while on-the-go and ready to make purchase decisions.

Preparing Your Website Content for Mobile Searchers

Mobile use now exceed desktop use when it comes to how website content is viewed. If you’re not targeting mobile consumers with your content, you’re likely to be missing out on a potential source of leads, conversions, and revenue. Preparing website content for mobile users involves several steps, including changing the way text and images are presented and paying attention to factors that may affect a mobile user’s experience on your website, such as page load speed and ease of navigation.

Staying On Top of Trends and Technology

We make it our business to stay on top of industry trends and advances in technology to better serve our clients. SEO is always changing, especially when it comes to updates from Google. You can count on our team to be aware of these changes and, more importantly, to understand how to apply them to the content on your website and other online platforms. Because of these efforts, your odds of seeing unexpected penalties and other issues with SEO performance will be greatly reduced.

High-Quality Results

Cutting corners is something you’ll never have to worry about when choosing our team for your SEO needs. We’re committed to providing high-quality results for our clients from the moment an initial consultation is scheduled. All work is done in-house by our team of experienced SEO and marketing professionals for your added peace of mind. Our commitment to doing the best job possible for our clients includes monitoring results and consistently looking for ways to improve visibility and increase the appeal of any content that’s presented.

Flexible Options and Plans

There is no single approach to SEO that’s right for every client. This is why we offer a wide range of options. You’re welcome to come to us for occasional guidance, start with an initial consultation to determine your immediate needs and long-term goals, or make arrangements for ongoing search optimization optimization and website content management services.

Local SEO Boston MA Businesses Need to Success

Strategically selected keywords and geographic targeting are just a few of the techniques we use to connect clients with customers in the Boston area or any other location they prefer to target. The purpose of local SEO is to connect with consumers within a specific geographic area with an optimized website and consistent directory listings. When a local strategy is properly executed, it could mean higher conversion rates and more in-store and online traffic.

Insights from a Boston SEO Expert

What makes Search Genius SEO stand out from other Boston SEO companies is the extra attention to detail we give our clients. We’ll take the time to discuss your options, evaluate your needs, answer your questions, and present a customized plan. Whether we’re working to maintain your existing results or determining why you’re not getting the results you expected, you’ll benefit from our meticulous approach to all aspects of SEO, including:

  • Keyword research and selection
  • Content placement and preparation strategy
  • External and internal link building
  • Stat tracking and reporting
  • Organic and paid search

Finding the Right Combination of Organic and Paid SEO

Realistically, the SEO Boston businesses need to see meaningful results will be a combination of organic and paid strategies. Organic SEO is low in cost when compared to paid search efforts. However, both techniques have unique benefits worth considering. We’ll determine where improvements can be made with your organic SEO efforts by looking at factors such as your traffic patterns, bounce rates, current Google placement, and conversion rates. With paid SEO, we’ll make recommendations for ad placement and determine which keywords make sense for your various campaigns.

Affordable SEO Services

We understand the importance of keeping expenses as reasonable as possible. You’ll never pay for services you don’t need. We’re always up-front and honest about our prices. You also won’t have to be stuck with a long-term commitment unless you are seeing results that matter to you. We’ll gladly detail what services we’ll provide for you after you’ve had your initial consultation to discuss your needs. Our goal is present a plan that fits comfortably into your budget while still delivering the results necessary to improve or maintain your online visibility.

Boston SEO Services Designed to Boost Your ROI

How much you’ll pay is only one factor worth considering. We also want our clients to get what they pay for — and maybe even more than they expected. The SEO Boston clients of ours often prefer serves several important purposes, one of which is to improve their return on investment (ROI). If this is a priority for you, rest assured we’ll do everything possible to put together a strategy geared towards attracting qualified leads, increasing conversions on you website, generating positive word-of-mouth, and encouraging repeat business.

Assessing Your Website’s Content

An SEO consultant Boston MA businesses hire from the Search Genius SEO team is committed to providing useful insights and expert advice. While analyzing and assessing your website’s content, we’ll take a look at many parts of your content, including how your content is presented, what headlines and subheads are used, the size of paragraphs, your use of images and videos, and your placement of calls-to-action. We’ll use this assessment to determine what SEO services will actually benefit you.

Your SEO Partner

You’re not choosing a company where you’ll be considered just another client. You’ll definitely get to know the team at Search Genius SEO. And we’ll take the time to get to know what matters most to you. Before any steps are taken on your behalf, you’ll clearly understand your available options and be presented with the details needed to make an informed decision that’s good for your bottom line. You’ll have easy access to our team if you have questions or need clarification on your strategy, wish to make SEO adjustments to your website content, or want to consider additional services or change your existing arrangements.

Clearly Presenting Results

SEO doesn’t mean anything unless you understand the results you’re getting. This is why we clearly present results to our clients in a way that’s easy to digest. Our team will compare results you were previously getting from your online efforts to what’s experienced after we make appropriate adjustments. Our detailed reports typically:

  • Evaluate results from all platforms
  • Assess overall website performance
  • Identify where there’s room for improvement
  • Provide ranking updates
  • Discuss any relevant industry changes

When it comes to SEO Boston businesses know they can count on Search Genius SEO to produce results that matter. And we look forward to producing the same results for your business. Regardless of your specific needs, an SEO specialist will create a personalized plan tailored to your short-term and long-term goals. Contact us today to get started with an initial consultation to discuss your search engine optimization priorities.

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