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We Drive More Traffic, Leads & Customers To Your Website Than Any Other SEO Company


Our SEO campaigns are designed to act fast, get results and last the test of time.


All our SEO techniques are 100% safe and compliant with Googles guidelines so you’ll never suffer a penalty.


Our SEO is so secure that your competitors will never be able to figure out how you rank so they can’t copy you.


Whether your a small business servicing a local area, or a multi-national corporation, our SEO services are scaleable to meet your needs.

SEO Campaign Features

Here’s Why Search Genius SEO Beats All Other Companies

Our Proven 5-Step SEO System

The exact system we use to rank our clients with a 100% success rate.

Step 1: Planning & Keyword Researchblog8

The first step we go through is to ensure that we are targetting the right keywords to drive you revenue. We can see which terms generate the most revenue for your industry based on the prices that people are bidding on your Adwords. So I combine the highest revenue generating terms, with the ones with the largest traffic volume to give you the most upside potential possible.




blog13Step 2: On-Site Foundation

Once the planning is done, the single most important part of Omaha SEO is to get your website fully optimized.

The first section is the ‘technical’ set up. During this phase we run several advanced SEO crawlers through your site to find any issues with the underlying infrastructure. We then fix these up to provide you with a solid foundation.

The second section is all about the ‘on-page elements’. These are optimizing things such as your Meta data, Heading tags, Image Alt text, Geo-tagging images, etc.

The third and most important phase is the content optimisation. During this phase we use keyword variations based on my latest research into scemantic search variations.

This third step is the secret to ranking in difficult markets as it gives more depth to your page and it is something that the majority of SEO companies fail to implement for small businesses.

The fourth part of your On-Page SEO is setting up and optimising your Google My Business listing. This gets you ranked in the maps listings at the top of the first page which is extremely valuable realestate.

The fifth and final part of our On-Page SEO set up, also known as the ‘Joel House Secret Sauce’ is to use cutting edge Schema on your website to help Google read it easily.


Step 3: Local SEO Optimizationblog2-300x300

The third step is where we lay the local foundation for your site. After everything is set up with your Google My Business is set up and optimized, our goal is to get it found ASAP. We do this by proving your authority with the following techniques…

Citation Links: These are critical for getting your Google My Business page ranked in the maps. They cover local, national as well as some major international directories and citations.

Industry Specific Links: Every industry has industry specific directories, associations and sites where you can get links from. We carefully research your market, local region as well as competitors links to ensure that you get every additional link possible.



blog11-300x300Step 4: Social SEO Optimization

Social SEO is extremely important in ranking websites in 2016. This is why its a part of our core ranking systems, rather than an after thought like many others.

Don’t worry – You don’t need to start posting to Facebook all the time. Our goal here is to simply set up a branded presense for your company across our 35 hand-picked networks to build your link foundation.



Step 5: Secret Sauce Link Buildingblog5-300x300

Once all of the foundations are laid on your website, I then move into step #4 – supercharged, sniper link building.

This is a link building approach that I’ve developed to rank individual product and services with sniper like precision.

It involves the variation of anchor text, with relevant articles, going out on high powered blogs around the internet. We carefully select the sites that you will get links from based on Majestic TrustFlow, which is I’ve found is the most accurate and effective metric to gauge links by.

This approach delivers great results while also protecting you long term as I focus on the power of the links, rather than volumes.

Once we get to this stage our goal is to keep linking until you are ranked #1 in Google, and then to continue so no one can beat you.

Its this last step that truly separates the results our clients. Its this last step that allows us to rank you for any keyword that you want and to help you attract the exact type of work that you want to do, and that is the most profitable for you.

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Here’s More About Our Omaha Search Engine Optimization Services

Are you tired of losing business to the competition? Would you like to boost your customers and conversions? If so, then you likely need the assistance of a SEO specialist. Here at Search Genius SEO, we specialize in providing search engine optimization Omaha businesses need to gain a competitive advantage.

Search engine optimization or SEO is critical to the success of any marketing strategy. Regardless of the industry in which you may be involved, you need an Omaha SEO expert who can work with you to increase your site’s web page ranking for specific terms within popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. By including digital marketing and SEO in your overall strategy, you can take advantage of a number of benefits. The services provided by an Omaha SEO agency are quite affordable, making it possible for your business to compete and attain a top search engine position. Below, we present just a few of the benefits that Omaha SEO services can provide.

Increased Visibility

With proper Omaha SEO strategies, your business can increase online visibility. By increasing the chances that your web page will appear on the first page of search engine results, you can also increase the likelihood that your target audience will notice your business. Research has shown that most people performing online searches never go beyond the first page of search engine results. This means that in order to be noticed online, your web page must appear on that first page. Omaha SEO companies understand how to make certain your web page is ranked positively, thus ensuring that your services and products are found by the people who are looking for them. Along with saving a tremendous amount of time, you will be able to increase the number of potential customers who visit your website when you invest in SEO.

More Cost-Effective Marketing

Regardless of the industry in which you are involved or the length of time you have been in business, you probably have a marketing budget. Search engine optimization can be both affordable and quite cost-effective as a marketing strategy. Our professionals will make certain that you have the best selection of SEO services possible to help you achieve your marketing goals without paying for services you do not actually need. We work with companies of all sizes and with all budget ranges. Search engine optimization is not just for large companies or businesses with large marketing budgets. In fact, small businesses can benefit tremendously from search engine optimization. Along with creating a more user-friendly website, SEO can also help you to find new customers and assist with your overall growth strategy. With proper search engine optimization, your business can even explore new markets. SEO can take your business to entirely new levels.

To maintain a competitive advantage, it is highly advised that you ensure your website is fully optimized. At Search Genius SEO, we are here to help you with that. We work one-on-one with our customers to help them achieve their individual goals while staying within their budget.

Generate More Traffic

In addition to increasing your business’s online visibility, search engine optimization services can also help you to boost the amount of traffic your website receives. Online visibility and traffic are integrally related. The higher ranked your website is, the more clicks it will likely receive. Whether you are a new business just starting out or you have an established business and you are looking to increase brand awareness, proper search engine optimization can help you to achieve your goals by generating more traffic.

Increased Revenue

By working with a SEO company Omaha business owners can also look forward to increasing their revenue via increased daily sales. Our SEO services help you to drive more traffic to your website. Once traffic to your website is increased, improved sales usually follow. If you have noticed that you are having difficulty in boosting your sales, this could be a good indicating that your website is not as effective as it could be and could likely benefit from search engine optimization services. By choosing to invest in SEO Omaha business owners can make the most of their marketing budgets and drive a higher return on investment.

Increased Brand Credibility

The credibility and trustworthiness of your business is also critical to your long-term success. The more highly ranked your website is on search engines, the more trustworthy and credible your website will be considered. When choosing to work with a SEO consultant Omaha NE business owners can rest easy knowing that their business will gain trust among customers and search engines alike. Trust has always been critical in the world of business. That is still true today. The only difference is that now it is important for your business to be trusted online. By investing in SEO Omaha business owners can gain that all-important element of trust and credibility.

Around the Clock Availability

With proper SEO Omaha business owners can take advantage of a marketing tool that works around the clock. Even after regular business hours, search engine optimization continues to work. Whether it’s the weekend or the middle of the night, you can rest assured that your website will still be working for you. Even if you operate a traditional brick and mortar business in Omaha or the surrounding area, you can still benefit from around the clock availability. Prospective customers will be able to look up your business website, business hours, and even find other valuable information about your business, such as reviews from previous customers. Given that an increasing number of consumers are now saying that they research businesses online before making a purchase, the ability of your business to be found online can prove to be a tremendous boon.

Long-lasting Results

With SEO Omaha NE business owners can also take advantage of long-lasting results, particularly when compared to other types of marketing strategies. For instance, with pay-per-click advertising, you only receive the benefit of click-throughs to your site as long as your budget lasts. This is not the case with search engine optimization.

Improved Website Usability

Search engine optimization can help to ensure that your website is easy to navigate for both users and search engines. This is made possible by structuring the architecture and links of your site to make certain it is easy to find as well as navigate. Not only does this make it easier for your site to be crawled by search engines, but it also makes it easy for users to locate information on your site.

Return on Investment

Search engine optimization offers results that are both trackable and quantifiable. Whether you have a ecommerce or non-ecommerce website, we offer a marketing strategy with a verifiable return on investment. As an experienced SEO agency, we are able to track practically every single aspect of your search engine optimization and digital marketing strategy, including ranking, conversion, and traffic increases. We also provide comprehensive analytics that can be used to drill down to a highly granular level, allowing us to give you the benefit of viewing a variety of engagement metrics and demographic information. If you operate an ecommerce website, we can also view the paths that your users have used in order to complete sales transactions. In fact, we can even drill down to determine the precise keywords or keyword phrases that were used to search for your business prior to a user making a purchase. In addition, we can attribute specific values to lead conversions for non-ecommerce sites, such as filling out forms, submitting contact us information, etc.

When it comes to business, it’s imperative that you stay ahead of the competition. If you have noticed that your business is not competing as well as it should, it may be time to consider investing in search engine optimization services. With Omaha SEO agencies, you can give your business the competitive edge it needs while taking advantage of a host of benefits.

We back up our results by sending you monthly reports that contain updates regarding your rankings along with other pertinent information to keep you advised of any industry changes. We will also periodically make recommendations for your search engine optimization strategy to ensure your business’s online position. Search Genius SEO is here to serve as your partner. Whether you have a problem that needs to be resolved, you have a question, or your website needs an update, we are here to help. We will work with you personally. Rather than being a faceless organization, our staff is always here.

Over the past several years, the landscape of digital marketing has changed dramatically. Even so, search engine optimization is still a critical and effective marketing strategy. There are many benefits that a good search engine optimization strategy can provide to businesses of all sizes. For more information on how search engine optimization can benefit your website, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced, courteous team would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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